Maria Menounos Ties The Knot During Live New Years Eve Broadcast

January 01, 2018Jan 01, 2018

Actress and TV Host Maria Menounos really went big when she decided how she'd ring in the New Year. She marked the end of 2017 by marrying her longtime boyfriend writer and producer Keven Undergaro!

The couple, who have been together for 20 years, tied the knot during Fox’s New Year’s Eve broadcast that Menounos was co-hosting with Steve Harvey, reported People. It was a major surprise for almost everyone involved; just before midnight, the couple said "I do."

Steve Harvey officiated the wedding and close family and friends, who had been let in on the secret, attended. Menounos' parents, Constantine and Litsa Menounos, who is battling stage-4 brain cancer, were there to witness their daughter's big day.

Menounos wore a Pronovias strapless lace “Randala”-designed gown with a matching lace detachable coat.

The wedding came together in recording time. The couple only had two weeks to plan everything. They decided to get married on live TV after a "half-hearted suggestion" from the show’s producer.

“When I started working on the Fox New Year’s Eve special, I sat with the producer to go over what we were planning,” Menounos told People.

The producer told her that they hoped to add interest to the broadcast by incorporating a live wedding with a TBD couple.

“She said, ‘Unless you and Keven want to get married.’ And I was like, ‘Ha, ha, no.’ I was nervous but I got in the car and kept thinking about it and I was like, Wait, this really is kind of perfect.”

Menounos then mentioned the idea to Undergaro, via a text message. Eventually, he agreed and they decided to get married on New Year's Eve. The couple then shared the plan with a select few. Menounos said they had to tell Underagro's mother or she wouldn't have come to the broadcast.

“I really truly believe that it’s taken us this long [to get married] because of the pressures of putting a wedding together,” adds Menounos, who was diagnosed with a brain tumor last summer. “I’ve always wanted it to be super intimate and even though this is the opposite, we can only invite our immediate family, so the pressure of who to invite is gone. This was just so perfect.”

After the ceremony finished and the ball dropped, the couple hosted a small celebration at their hotel. The following morning, they planned a brunch for friends and family.

“I’m excited to be able to call her my wife,” Undergaro says. “It’s been girlfriend for so long that it will be nice to finally, finally be able to say ‘my wife.'”

Now New York City “is going to be such a special place for us,” adds Menounos. “This was not something that would have ever crossed my mind. I just feel like God puts everything in our path.”

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