TV Star Dies After Collapsing in Classroom, 'Head Hit the Desk and Coffee Cup Went Flying' Says Witness

October 08, 2018Oct 08, 2018

It is truly a sad day for fans of "The Bachelor" television show. A famous contestant has just passed away after tragically collapsing in a classroom.

"Cristy Caserta, who competed in Season 15 of ABC reality show "The Bachelor" in 2011, died suddenly in South Florida on Thursday, according to police in the Broward County city of Sunrise. She was 38," reported USA Today.

Cristy was said to have suddenly collapsed in a classroom. Witnesses said she hit her head and fell to the floor, sending her coffee flying. They desperately tried to revive her and she was unresponsive throughout their best efforts.

"They rushed to offer aid but she was unresponsive. An emergency team arrived to perform CPR. She was taken a hospital, Westside Regional Medical Center, where she was pronounced dead just before 9 a.m. EDT," police said.

At this time, investigators are trying to figure out what caused her death.

"The cause of death has not been established; the county medical examiner is conducting an autopsy Friday, Fernandez said. It could be weeks before a cause is established. The medical examiner's office did not return a message from USA TODAY," according to the article.

Please join us in praying for Cristy's family during this awful time. We ask that God's healing grace surround and comfort them as they mourn her loss in this tragedy.

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