Famous Sports Star Saves a Man's Life by Accident, Hear Their Phenomenal Story

June 30, 2018Jun 30, 2018

Earlier this week, the heartwarming story emerged of how an NFL star, Christian McCaffrey, happened to be in the right place at the right time to save a man’s life. The Carolina Panthers running back was with his brother and friends hiking Castle Rock in Colorado this spring.

While they were making their way up the trail, the group saw an older man and a young boy coming down the rock. Just as they looked, they saw the older man,  73-year-old Dan Smoker Sr., take a horrible fall. According to Fox News, he had slipped, hit a rock, and fell into a crevice.

The young boy with Smoker was Eli, his grandson.

Eli said, “I heard what sounded like a slip of a shoe and I turned around to see my grandpa falling to the ground.”

Thankfully, McCaffrey and the group were able to call 911 and keep the situation calm as Dan Smoke Sr. went in and out of consciousness. Dispatch told the group that someone would have to perform CPR, and Michael Mann, Christian’s friend, stepped up, even though he had never performed CPR before.

Michael said, “I put both my hands together and tried to hop on his chest the best I could. By a miracle or the grace of God- whatever you want to call it- he was able to come back to at least convulsing again.”

Thankfully, Dan Smoker Sr. ended up getting the medical attention he needed just in the right time.

Michael Mann noted that the series of events that led their group to Castle Rock that day were already particularly odd. If they wouldn’t have been there to make the phone call and to calm the situation and perform CPR, the situation might not have had a happy ending.

Watch the video below to hear more details about the amazing story and about the special bond that the family has formed with the NFL player following the incident. When the group arrived at the hospital, the Smoker family said they didn’t recognize them at first. When they heard the name McCaffrey, however, it all came together!

Thankfully, McCaffrey and his brother and friends were there to help the entire situation! What do you think about this? Let us know! In other recent news, Jim Carrey is under fire for an offensive painting of Jesus and Pres. Trump. Franklin Graham just weighed in.