Famous Singer Mourns Death of Family Member Shot 18 Times After Armed Robbery

September 25, 2017Sep 25, 2017

Eddie Russell, 25, was the cousin of TLC Grammy-winning singer T-Boz, also known as Tionne Watkins. On Sunday evening, the famous singer, 47, shared that her cousin had been shot anywhere from 17 to 20 times in an incident located in Peoria, Illinois. In order to honor her cousin's memory, she wants fans to share his story.

Russell was named as a suspect in an armed robbery. According to police, he grabbed his gun and robbed a local bank, returned home with his loot, and then engaged in an hours-long armed stand-off with police. 

After the hours-long stand-off, Russell came rushing out of the house. This was the moment that police shot him.

According to police, Russell suffers from mental illness and they were scared for their lives when Russell emerged from his home. He left the house, they say, in a quick and aggressive manner. They also believed he was holding a handgun. And after an hours-long stand-off with the man who hours earlier had robbed a bank, they were certain that he was ready to shoot. 

Russell was pronounced dead on Wednesday, September 20.  

Local activists and family members are protesting the shooting. These activists are claiming that the officers should have been wearing a body camera. These activists are also disputing the account of what happened. From their viewpoint, Russell shouldn't have been shot by police.

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