Famous Singer Meets Pope Francis, Calls Him a 'True Rock Star'

August 09, 2018Aug 09, 2018

British musician Sting and his wife, actress Trudie Styler, made a special visit to the Vatican this week. During Pope Francis' weekly Papal Audience on Wednesday, the former frontman of The Police looked ecstatic to meet the leader of the Catholic Church.

Sting, who was born Gordon Sumner, and his wife of nearly 26 years are seen in pictures with the pontiff. The pope appears to be giving them a blessing. 

Sting tweeted a series of pictures of the moment, with the caption, “Pope Francis is a true rock star! A genuine charisma that filled the room. RT [Real Talk]”


Neither Sting nor his wife are Catholic, but they thoroughly enjoyed meeting the Pope. Sting was raised in a Catholic home, he no longer considers himself religious.

He spoke to the National Catholic Register about his Catholic past in a recent interview, implying that he might some day return to the Church. He also revealed that his wife is "gaga" over Pope Francis.

Sting isn't the only celebrity to meet the Pope. Political leaders, actors, and singers alike have all met with Pope Francis.

President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump, who is a Catholic, met the Pope last year. They were accompanied by Ivanka and Jared, who are both Jewish.



The Pope has also been visited by Mark Wahlberg, Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom, Leonardo DiCaprio, Andrea Bocelli, and Aretha Franklin have all met with the Pope.






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