Famous Singer Comes Out Swinging In Face Of Growing Backlash, Defends Her Patriotic White House Performance

June 29, 2018Jun 29, 2018

The chance to perform in front of the President at the White House used to be viewed as an incredible honor. Unfortunately, since President Trump took office, most of Hollywood and the entertainment industry have shunned him and the 60+ million people who voted for him. One entertainer, however, is pushing back against the anti-Trump sentiment.

American Idol finalist, Jax, recently broke the news to her fans that she would be taking part in an incredible celebration of patriotism with America’s top leaders on Independence Day.

“Excited to announce that I’ll be performing at the White House next week," Jax revealed. "It’s really an honor to be able to celebrate our soldiers on the 4th of July for an awesome military event. The concert will be aired live on the Hallmark Channel! Nothing but good vibes, family, and military under the fireworks. Don’t forget to take a break from BBQing and tune in to support our troops!”

Sadly not everyone is as excited as Jax is about her opportunity. Some of her fans have sunken to using vile language against her and her family. A lot of other fans have declared an end to their support of her music career over her White House visit.

In light of the hatred that has come her way since she announced the performance, Jax is standing strong for what she believes in.

“I think it’s kinda a really unfortunate thing people can’t separate politics and patriotism,” Jax told TMZ, “I really do come from a strong military background and my little 20 year old brother is a Marine right now and my Dad being a first responder, it’s just a really important thing for me to be able to take this opportunity and be happy, enjoy and honor my family.”

Jax addressed the criticism further by saying that it isn’t about herself or the President, it’s about honoring the troops and the birth of the country.

Jax isn’t the only singer that is set to perform. American Idol sensation Jonny Brenns will be joining Jax along with country singer Sara Evans.

The concert will take place during the evening of the 4thof July on the south lawn of the White House. Both President Trump and the First Lady are expected to be in attendance.