Famous Singer Arrested for Drug Possession and DUI

July 15, 2017Jul 15, 2017

One of the late 90's biggest heart throbs, pop singer Aaron Carter, was arrested on Saturday night. His girlfriend, who was with him at the time, was also arrested. 

The incident took place in Georgia. Carter was charged with a DUI and possession of less than 1 ounce of marijuana, along with possession of other drug-related objects. 


Carter's girlfriend, Maddison Parker, was charged with possession of marijuana and drug-related objects and obstruction of law enforcement officers. The two have reportedly been together for about six months. 

Interestingly enough, Carter was set to perform in Kansas City the same night he was arrested in Georgia. Representatives for the singer used his social media accounts to apologize to fans for what they are claiming to be transportation issues. 


"Due to transportation issues, Aaron will not make his set time tonight in Kansas City. He promises to come back soon. He apologizes to his fans in KC and Mix93.3."

Carter is currently in police custody. Thankfully no one was hurt during this incident.