Famous Reporter Under Fire for Promoting Christianity On-Air Now Fights Back

February 06, 2018Feb 06, 2018

On Sunday, February 4, the Philadelphia Eagles took on the New England Patriots in Super Bowl Lll. In the end, the Eagles ended up taking home the championship. 

After the game, the Eagles were the talk of the nation. Many reporters, naturally, focused on the athletic ability and on-field skills of the players. However, another common topic came up in post-game reports: character. 

Many people commented on the strong Christian faith and generous lifestyles of several of the Eagles players. After their win, for instance, the team knelt together and prayed the Lord's Prayer in their locker room. 

In post-game interviews, several players and the head coach gave all of the credit to God. Additionally, the team's quarterback said that he wants to become a pastor after his football career. 

Now, one reporter is in hot water after reporting on the strong Christian faith present in Eagles players. NBC Sports analyst and former NFL coach Tony Dungy decided to talk about Nick Foles' faith. 

According to the Daily Wire, Dungy talked about what Foles had told him about how faith played a role in his athletic success. Dungy talked about the subject on-air, and then reiterated his thoughts on social media. Below are a few of his Tweets:



After the comments about how Foles felt like God helped give him confidence and peace leading up to the game, people started criticizing Dungy. They said that it was inappropriate to promote Christianity in his role with NBC. Below is one example:


Dungy responded to the vast amount of criticism, saying that his own thoughts are why NBC wanted to hire him in the first place. 


After, another commenter responded, saying that it shouldn't have been included in "football analysis" at all.


Dungy then responded to that train of thought:


What do you think about Dungy's decision to talk about Foles' Christian faith on NBC and about his response to the criticism? Let us know what you think! In other recent news, the "Dancing With The Stars" cast just reacted to the fatal crash the tour bus was involved with.

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