Famous Radio Host Leaves During Live Segment, Found Dead Hours Later from Suicide

December 06, 2018Dec 06, 2018

A tragic news story is being reported after a professional radio host took her own life. The shocking news was reported just hours after she abruptly walked away from her job during a live interview.


"A 41-year-old BBC radio host who suddenly, without explanation, walked off her live show Aug. 6 was found later that day dead from suicide, a British inquest heard. Vicki Archer killed herself by hanging in her Shrewsbury home," the BBC reported.

Vicki was a mother to three children. Her stepfather found her in her home and tried to revive her, however, his efforts proved to be unsuccessful.

According to the coroner, Vicki had been suffering from depression in recent years. She had previously tried twice before to take her own life.

"We have heard that Victoria had made two previous attempts to take her own life in the past and she suffered from depression,” Ellery said. "It is not necessary, nor is it appropriate to go further into her personal and private life."


Coworkers assumed Vicki was simply taking a break when she left her job without notice. A search effort was orchestrated to find the radio host after everyone realized something was not quite right.

"She could light up a room. While we will always miss her we want to remember and celebrate everything that she achieved which is why in the spring we are planning a memorial celebration of her life,” a statement from her family reads.


Please join us in praying for Vicki's family during this tough time. We especially pray for her children as they are now left without a mother during this Christmas season. Please share your thoughts and prayers in the comments section of our Facebook page! In other recent news, Reba McEntire brings the Bush family to tears after she performs at the funeral of Gorge H.W. Bush.





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