Famous Oscar Winning Actress Dies Days Before Her Birthday

January 22, 2018Jan 22, 2018

An iconic film actress has just passed away only a few days before her 94th birthday. Dorothy Malone died in her hometown of Dallas, Texas. She was 93 years old.

Malone passed away at an assisted living facility, according to her daughter. She had. Along and blessed life and died of natural causes.

Malone was best known for her role on the ABC series "Peyton Place" which ran from 1964-1969. Earlier in her career, Malone was always stereotypically cast as a housewife or sweet female role. However, she believed she needed to make a major change to become a true star.

"After 11 years of mostly roles as loving sweethearts and wives, the brunette actress decided she needed to gamble on her career instead of playing it safe. She fired her agent, hired a publicist, dyed her hair blonde and sought a new image," according to Page Six.


“I came up with a conviction that most of the winners in this business became stars overnight by playing shady dames with sex appeal,” she recalled in 1967. She welcomed the offer for “Written on the Wind,” in which she played an alcoholic frisky woman who tries to steal Rock Hudson from his wife, Lauren Bacall.

Malone's last role on screen was in the 1992 film, "Basic Instinct." It was an iconic film starring Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas. She spent the rest of her days in Dallas. She originally had moved to Texas to take care of her elderly parents and then stayed even after they passed away.



Malone was married 3 times. However, one marriage ended after six weeks so she came to joke that she was only married 2 and a half times.

“I don’t have very good luck in men,” she admitted. “I had a tendency to endow a man qualities he did not possess.” When a reporter suggested that she was well fixed because of the “Peyton Place” money, she replied: “Don’t you believe it. I had a husband who took me to the cleaners. The day after we were married he was on the phone selling off my stuff.”

What do you think about this? Do you remember her? Let us know. Also, read our latest recall story here. Be sure to send your prayers to her children as they navigate this sad time. We pray God's peace comforts them.

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