Famous Olympian Reveals New Goal and Career After Gold Filled Swimming Career

September 19, 2018Sep 19, 2018

One of the most famous Olympians of all time is Michael Phelps. He won 23 gold medals before officially retiring from swimming.

Now, Phelps is staying as busy as ever. He recently got married and is now a father. However, Michael is not giving up his career. He has decided to make a career switch to something that still involves water and is a passion for him.

"After a lifetime of rigorous training and competition in the pool, Phelps retired from swimming following the 2016 Olympics and began his search for a new obsession. At age 33, he’s embraced environmental and social activism through a series of high-impact campaigns, including a partnership with Colgate on its #EveryDropCounts initiative, which aims to address looming global water shortages by teaching water conservation practices," reported Fox.

Phelps admits they he didn't know exactly what his next career move would be after he decided to not compete in the Olympics again. Now, he says he found his way by transferring his hard work in the pool towards his next mission in life.

“I’ve always done ‘dream, plan, reach.’ That’s kind of how I started my career. You start with a dream, you figure out a way you’re going to get there and you go for it. And if you fall short, it happens. I can’t tell you how many times something has gone not perfect for me and I’ve had to come back to the drawing board. But I think if you want something bad enough, I don’t think anything can stand in your way," he said.

The Colgate campaign is an amazing cause. Their goal is to save billions of gallons of water across the globe. Currently, their camping is forecasting that 50 billion gallons will be saved annually by through education and awareness.

A lot of people don't truly realize how much water is actually wasted when the faucet runs while they brush their teeth. This campaign is a great cause that we can all truly get behind.

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