Famous Navy SEAL Accused of War Crimes, Family Member Says Americans Should Be 'Outraged'

November 28, 2018Nov 28, 2018

A heartbreaking story is making headlines today after allegations of war crimes have been leveled against a decorated Navy SEAL. According to reports, Edward Gallagher is at the center of disputed accusations that he repeatedly plunged a knife into the bloody, wounded body of a young ISIS fighter and fired sniper rounds at innocent civilians in Iraq.

His brother, Sean Gallagher, is now speaking out in defense of Edward. He says the nation should be outraged at the allegations against a decorated veteran.

“This investigation is not about justice and the truth, it’s about a win,” Sean Gallagher told Fox News, while comparing the relationship between the NCIS and the Navy SEALs to one between a hammer and a nail. “A SEAL is a shiny, golden nail where if you take them down it makes you look good,” he added.

Edward was recently undergoing medical treatment at Camp Pendleton to screen him and release him back into a non-combat training role within the SEAL community. He was taken into custody days before his release.

"Prosecutors reportedly said Gallagher was detained for trying to intimidate witnesses to the alleged crimes. But Sean tells Fox News that it was a misunderstanding -- and that his brother was merely venting in text messages to his friends, some of whom had been contacted by the NCIS, 'about false accusations,'" reported Fox.

Edward is expected to face a trial sometime in the coming months for the allegations. He was reportedly planning on retiring from the military soon.

"Throughout his 19 years of service, Gallagher earned the Bronze Star with V for Valor twice, a Meritorious Unit Commendation, and a trio of Navy and Marine Corps Achievement medals, among other recognitions and decorations," reported Fox.

We will keep you posted as this story continues to develop. Please join us in praying for our men and women in uniform around the world.

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