Famous Musician Called Out Woman at Concert, Reason Why Left Everyone in Tears

September 20, 2017Sep 20, 2017

On September 1, country music star Garth Brooks held a concert in Calgary, Canada. What started as a normal show quickly turned into an emotional night. 

Brooks was performing in Calgary as part of his world tour with Trisha Yearwood. Standing in the audience that night was Gale Granrude-Gariepy, a longtime fan. 

Gale was gifted tickets to the show when a generous acquaintance, Karyn Louise, heard about the trial that her family was facing. Gale's six-year-old son, Mason, had a year-long battle with cancer. 

Louise said, "I'd like to treat you to a date night...I have two Garth Brooks tickets if you are a fan and can get away for a few hours on a Friday night."

The very day of the concert, September 1, 2017, Mason officially became cancer-free. While he still could not attend the concert due to a weakened immune system, his mom attended to celebrate the momentous day.

Gale held up a sign throughout the show that said, "Today my son is cancer-free." 

At some point in the concert, the sign caught the legendary musician's attention. He paused between songs and read the sign aloud.

The video below shows Brooks talking to Gale about her son's victory. After, Brooks did something that resulted in a roaring applause. 

Brooks signed and gave away his personal guitar. The next day, Gale posted a photo of Mason with his new guitar. The family thanked Brooks for his generosity and caring heart. 

It was definitely a day to remember for Gale and her family!

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