Famous LA TV Star Warns Parents After Young Daughter Choked on Easter Candy

April 24, 2019Apr 24, 2019

The Easter season is a wonderful time of year that is filled with joy as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. In a world sense, Easter has also become commercialized. Stores sell tons of candy and sweets for millions of people who take part in Easter egg hunts and other various celebrations.

However, for one family, Easter did not go as planned. Now, one mom is on a mission to warn other parents.

"A Los Angeles-based news anchor took to Facebook on Sunday to share 'the scariest moment' of her life as a warning for parents whose kids received baskets full of candy on Easter. 'Today in LA’s' Daniella Guzman said that as she was heating up lunch her 3-year-old daughter had grabbed a small Starburst candy and began choking on it," reported Fox.

She put the post online and shared with her followers.

“Hey guys I just wanted to warn you really quick because I had one of the scariest moments of my life just right now,” Guzman said in the video, posted Sunday. “My 3-year-old daughter started opening up her Easter eggs while I was warming up food for lunch and she opened one and she opened one of these little Starburst and she started choking on them.”

She continued by saying she initially was frightened. She wanted to spread this news so others could be safe.

“I panicked honestly, I am so thankful that my husband was here to help me and he started like, pumping her stomach and she spit it out but, I was so scared,” she said, holding the Starburst wrapper that her daughter had opened. “I know a lot of kids out there are opening their candy from their Easter eggs but please be very careful, especially these little ones right here.”

The video has been seen 1,900 times. Officials say call 911 immediately if you ever find yourself in a situation like Guzman was in. You can also turn the infant on his or her back so that the head is lower than the chest, placing two fingers in the center of the middle of the breast bone and pressing inward rapidly five times. It is advised to continue the process of five back blows and five chest thrusts until the object dislodges, wrote Fox.

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