Famous Journalist Says Trump Family Has Harmed America More Than Bin Laden and ISIS

November 03, 2017Nov 03, 2017

GQ's Keith Olbermann remarked on "The View" Friday that he thinks President Trump and his family have caused more harm to the United States than Bin Laden and ISIS combined. The statement wasn't hyperbolic, but something that Olbermann seems to sincerely believe, according to the Daily Caller.

Olbermann first made this comment on Twitter. He was asked about the statement during his interview, where he was bizarrely applauded by the audience.  You can see the tweet below.


“You said recently via tweet that, ‘Trump and his family have done more harm to America than ISIS and Bin Laden combined,” co-host Sunny Hostin said. “Do you believe that?”

Olbermann replied without hesitation that yes, he does really believe that. He claimed that America did very well after 9/11 and that George W. Bush did not restrict civil liberties or single out either people or groups of people in order to gain political advantage.

“Yes,” Olbermann replied. “Yeah, we did really well after 9/11, I don’t think the country has given itself enough credit for what we did not do after 9/11… we did not restrict all of the freedoms in this country, we did not single out people.”

Not everybody on "The View" thought that the comment was a good one. Meghan McCain was very upset by Olbermann's comments, and quickly retorted that “a thousand people died on 9/11, I mean the comparison is absurd.”

McCain couldn't believe what she had heard, so she once more asked the famous journalist if he truly believed what he just said. He replied yes once again, re-affirming that he does indeed believe that the President of the United States has caused more harm than one of the most infamous terrorists in the history of America and the terrorist organization that has declared war on Western civilization. 

The Daily Caller reports that McCain tried to explain to the journalist that Bin Laden was dedicated to the destruction of everything we hold dear. But this explanation didn't matter much to Olbermann, who apparently feels the same way about President Trump. 

Olbermann is currently the host of GQ's political web show "Resistance with Keith Olbermann." He spent the first 20 years of his career in sports journalism for CNN and local TV and radio stations. He has been the co-host for SportsCenter on ESPN and was an anchor for Fox Sports Net. From 2003 to 2011, Olbermann hosted "Countdown with Keith Olbermann" on MSNBC. He was also a sharp critic of the Bush administration, calling Bush a "fascist" and claiming that he should step down from office.

You can watch Olbermann's comments at the video below. 

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