Famous News Anchor Loses Only Son, Dead at 19

September 09, 2017Sep 09, 2017

Eric Bolling, a news anchor who suffered a disappointing setback when he parted ways with Fox News earlier this week, was hit with tragic news involving his family.

His only son, Eric Chase, died suddenly and tragically Friday night, according to Independent Journal Review. He was just 19. 


Rumors have surfaced that perhaps Chase had committed suicide. Bolling refuted that claim, sharing that an investigation so far had not uncovered any signs of self-harm. The autopsy, he said, would be performed sometime next week.


In the midst of the tragedy, support from friends, family and fans have come from far and wide. Bolling has received encouragement that others are praying for him, and that God will see him through.




Please pray for the Bolling family during this difficult time of need, that God would indeed see them through it all. Bolling’s departure from Fox has not come without controversy. Some claim it’s justified, while others declare it’s the product of a smear campaign. 

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