Famous Entertainment Host Announces He's Leaving Hit Show Following Failed Negotiations

April 12, 2019Apr 12, 2019

A new gameshow has recently become a viral sensation and has players from across the globe. The entire production takes place in the palm of your hand via your smartphone.

The app is called HQ Trivia. It alerts users when trivia games are about to take place and then users can log in and try to answer questions for real money. It's totally free and has quickly gained a large following.

Sadly, the HQ family is losing one of their most iconic members. The hilarious host of the show, Scott Rogowsky, is leaving the company to pursue other career interests.

"For weeks, people have been wondering why Scott hasn't been popping up on their smartphones to host the daily trivia show ... and we've learned it's because the "Quiz Daddy" left HQ in the dust after striking out in his quest to add a new nightly MLB show and keep his HQ gig," reported TMZ.

It seems that Scott truly wanted to stay on with the company. Fans seem to love him and he surely would have continued to be a large part of the platform. However, it appears that the corporate leaders saw things in another light.

"Sources at HQ Trivia tell us, Scott was trying to work out an arrangement to stay on as the weekend host for HQ, but CEO Rus Yusupov wouldn't budge. For his part, Scott tells us there is anything but hard feelings. He tells TMZ, 'Nothing in my decade-plus entertainment career has meant more to me personally and professionally than my involvement with HQ.' He couldn't be more grateful for all the people who grew the co., and for the 'HQties' who kept it thriving," wrote TMZ.

He went on to release a statement about leaving HQ.

"While the decision to leave HQ was a difficult one, I am delighted to begin this next chapter in my career with the amazing people at MLB and DAZN. If you miss me on HQ, you can now get three hours of me every weeknight watching ChangeUp on DAZN," he said.

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