Famous Entertainer, Musician Violently Attacked in Las Vegas Casino, Suspect in Custody

January 24, 2018Jan 24, 2018

A violent altercation took place on Tuesday night at a Las Vegas casino. Police currently have one man in custody after he attacked a famous entertainer and musician inside the building.

According to reports, the iconic rapper and TV star who is known as Flavor Flav, was violently attacked inside the South Point Casino. Now, reports state that the suspect in custody is a man named Uganda Howard. Howard told officials he attacked Flav because Flav disrespected his mother.

At this time, there has been no proof on Flav actually disrespecting Howard's mom. Witnesses reported the two men confronting one another before Howard punched Flav to the ground and then began kicking him.



Officers told TMZ that the full altercation was captured on the casino’s surveillance, which showed Howard throwing the first punch. The suspect was cited for battery and eventually released. Flav was taken to a nearby hospital to treat minor injuries, reported Complex.


One of the more comical and interesting points to this story is the reason Flav gave for going to the ground. According to TMZ, Flav reportedly said the only reason he fell to the ground was because he "pulled a groin muscle.

Flav is known for wearing a ridiculously large clock around his neck. He has become a pop icon and has been making headlines for years.

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