Famous Entertainer In Serious Car Accident After His Girlfriend Smashes Land Rover in Accident

May 08, 2018May 08, 2018

A serious car accident has just occurred in Beverly Hills. According to reports, Calvin Harris was riding the vehicle while his girlfriend was driving. Harris is well known for being a world famous DJ and the former boyfriend of Taylor Swift.

It was reported that Calvin's girlfriend, Aarika, did not see the car in front of her making a turn. Instead of stopping, she plowed her Land Rover into the smaller sedan. The two girls inside the car were quite shaken any the accident.


"Eyewitnesses tell us Calvin's girlfriend, Aarika, was behind the wheel of a Range Rover on a residential street Sunday in Bev Hills ... behind a Honda with 2 girls in it. The Honda driver started to turn left into a driveway. We're told Calvin's gf didn't slow down and plowed into the left side of the car, making it spin out and setting off the airbags. The cars ended up facing each other," reported TMZ.

The police were on scene to treat the accident. However, it does not appear that anyone was sent to the hospital for medical evaluations.




"The famous couple was invited into a nearby neighbor's home as they waited for their ride, an SUV eventually came by to pick them up. Both cars in the wreck ended up getting towed, and we're told the two girls are now experiencing pain, and plan on filing a police report," wrote TMZ online.

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