Famous Country Singer Opens Up About Teenage Son’s Tragic Death

March 08, 2018Mar 08, 2018

After 17 years in the music industry, country star Craig Morgan is known across the nation for his hits such as “That’s What I Love About Sunday,” “My Kind of Livin’,” and “Little Bit of Life.” “Sunday” spent four weeks at the top of the Billboard country charts in 2006. But in 2016 Morgan experienced a tragedy that shook him and his family to the core.

During a tubing excursion on a Tennessee Lake, son Jerry Greer went missing unexpectedly. His body was found the next day. According to The Christian Post, the teen collided with another person on the water, and although Greer was wearing a life jacket, the device failed to bring him to the surface.

In addition to working as a country singer, Morgan also spent 17 years in the Army, but he said that his son’s death was the “hardest thing” he and his family have ever experienced. He told The Christian Post that faith has carried them through the last two years.

"It's only through our faith that we're able to navigate these adversities," he said. "We know God is real, and we think eternally. As Christians, we try to focus on the eternal life more so than the life here on this Earth, so that is the only way that I'm able to deal with it, knowing that my son was saved and he had a faith in God."

Morgan said that after his son’s death, the pain he experienced was deeper than anything he’d ever felt. A friend told him that the best thing he could do during those days when the loss of his son was still fresh, was to just breathe.

"The day after our son drowned, a friend of ours — whose son had also died — told me, 'Right now you need to focus on breathing because you're going to find yourself losing your breath,'" said Morgan.

"He told me, 'Just breathe and know that it's minute by minute. One day you'll wake up and you'll think about your child, you will miss him and love him the same as you do other children. Because right now this is all you'll think about, this is all you'll focus on, and it's gonna be difficult, but you will find joy, because God is real,’” he added.

Morgan and his family have chosen to turn a tragic event into something positive by using their platform to inspire others to live every moment for the glory of God, according to The Christian Post. A new documentary called “Morgan Family Strong” gives an expose on the inner workings of their close-knit, down-to-earth family. It premiered on March 1.

"I've professed my faith from the stage for the last 17 years of my touring life," Morgan said. "I've never hidden my faith, I've never denied it, and it's very prevalent in the show. My whole family is that way, we're a very spiritual, close-knit family. We felt like we had the opportunity again in light of having lost our son to inspire people and hopefully motivate audiences to want to do good.”

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