Famous Country Musician Ties the Knot, 'Greatest Love Story' Fulfilled

September 18, 2017Sep 18, 2017

On Sunday, country music star Brandon Lancaster married his college sweetheart, Tiffany Trotter. Lancaster is the lead singer in LANco (Lancaster & Company). The couple was married outside of Nashville, Tennessee, at Mint Springs Farm.

LANco's most famous song, "Greatest Love Story," was written by Lancaster about his relationship with Tiffany. The song has served as the background to several proposals that took place at LANco concerts over the last year. The music video for the hit song is below:

Now, fans are saying that the song has come full circle with Brandon and Tiffany's wedding. The couple talked about their seemingly perfect day to ET Online

Brandon recalled seeing Tiffany walk down the aisle. He said, "That was the most surreal moment. Seeing this beautiful girl who is my best friend, and who is now going to be my wife. It was like everything was moving in slow motion."

The officiant was a family friend and pastor who also was a TA in the college class where the couple met. Brandon and Tiffany exchanged both traditional and personalized vows. 

Brandon said, "It's cool to be tied to that tradition that so many people have been a part of, but also to step aside and put a personal touch to it and express our feelings. They were personal promises that were based off situations in our lives and things that we've experienced."

Tiffany was just as enthusiastic about the day. She said, "We were truly surprised with how perfect the day went. There were little pockets of time that Brandon and I just got to be together, even if we were just waiting to be announced, having little moments that were just us was really special."

The couple said that they had no plans to play "Greatest Love Story," though they weren't surprised when a guest requested it from the DJ. Brandon said that he first played it for Tiffany on the acoustic guitar several years ago and that it was their song.

Congrats to the happy couple on their big day! For a breaking news story, read our latest article about another famous country musician who rescued two teens after Hurricane Irma. 

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