Famous Country Music Singer Reveals Cancer Diagnosis

September 06, 2017Sep 06, 2017

An American country artist who has charted nine number one singles on the Billboard country music charts made a sad announcement on Wednesday. Jo Dee Messina revealed her recent cancer diagnosis on her Facebook page.

The musician's career began in the mid-90s with her number one hits, "Bye, Bye" and "I'm Alright." Her duet with Tim McGraw called "Bring on the Rain" and her other big hit, "My Give a Damn's Busted," propelled her to the spotlight. While the peak of her career was in the late 90s, Messina has been gaining notoriety for another aspect of her life: her faith. 

The singer's recent cancer diagnosis has highlighted her faith to an even greater extent. Despite the unfortunate test results, Messina is still focused on the "love of God."

Team JDM posted a status on the artist's Facebook page Wednesday morning. In it, they discussed the cancer diagnosis and her plan to finish her tour early. 

They said that they do not know anything specific about the treatment plan, but that the singer is exploring all options. Then, they included this powerful message about Messina's relationship with God. 

They said, "It has been a trying summer, but her heart has been filled with gratitude for the many opportunities she has had to see God's hand at work. As many of you know, Jo Dee is a believer who feels blessed to be surrounded by the love of God- a love that has brought her the inner peace."

"On her lowest days, she has been able to see God's hand at work and feel His love as she continues her walk," they continued. "It is because of our Father's love that she has been able to find the beauty in the days that could have brought her the most fear, gratitude in moments that most would call unfair, and companionship during times she might feel the loneliest."

God is definitely at work through Jo Dee's life and her faith is inspiring! Please be praying for the continued strength of Jo Dee during this trying time.

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