Famous Conservative WWE Star Elected Mayor of Knox County in Tennessee

August 03, 2018Aug 03, 2018

Fans of the WWE are familiar with the wrestler known as Kane, but residents of Knox County in Tennessee will know him by his traditional name, Glenn Jacobs. Jacobs was just recently elected as the county’s mayor.

The former wrestler, 51, was elected Thursday after defeating Democratic nominee Linda Haney with a 2-1 lead, according to PEOPLE

After Jacobs announced last year that he was running for the political office, he won the Republican primary election against Brad Anders in May by 23 votes.

“It’s really humbling,” Jacobs told Sports Illustrated after he won the primary.

“When you ask someone for their vote, you are asking them to place their confidence in you as the steward of the community, so it was humbling that people placed their faith and trust in me,” he continued.

“I am so thankful and honored for the opportunity,” Jacobs added, after running on the campaign to create initiatives to lower taxes, improve infrastructure and limit government.

Jacobs has a wife and two daughters and have lived in Tennessee since 1995. Before he was a wrestler, he worked as an insurance agent.

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