Famous Conservative Commentator Up In Arms after Twitter War with Major Airline

July 18, 2017Jul 18, 2017

Social and political conservative commentator, Ann Coulter, has been in an internet word battle with Delta Airlines since an incident that took place on Saturday. Coulter was flying from New York, where she had pre-booked her flight online and paid extra for a specific seat that she chose, allowing her more leg room. When she got to the airport, however, she was told she needed to change seats.

She said, “As I was boarding, the ticket agent snatched the ticket out of my hand and said, ‘No, we’ve given you a different seat.’ And I said ‘Why?’, and she said ‘Emergency.’” 

When Coulter boarded the plane, she sat in the original seat she had purchased. However, when the person who was given that seat arrived, flight attendants asked Coulter to move to her new seat. While the airline said that her new seat was in the same aisle and therefore had just as much leg room, Coulter disagrees.

The commentator then decided to go to war with Delta Airlines and everyone involved in the situation on social media, tweeting pictures of people involved and describing what had happened. She said that she posted photos of the people involved to show that the woman who got her seat was not “



This was just the beginning of a multiple day rant over twitter about how much Coulter despises Delta Airlines. 


What she says she is most upset about is not the incident itself, but Delta’s “snarky” response via Twitter. They told her that they’d be happy to refund her $30 she spent on the extra leg room. That sent Coulter into an even deeper rage, offended that they would think it was just about the extra money.

The Twitter world has been responding in mass amounts over the last few days. Some agree with Coulter and some with Delta. One person who thought that Coulter was being too dramatic over the entire situation even started a Go Fund Me page for Coulter to raise the $30 she lost. 

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