Famous Christian Singer Reveals Scary Health Update, Asking for Prayer

September 22, 2017Sep 22, 2017

Natalie Grant is one of the most prominent voices in Christian music today. The 6-time Grammy nominated singer has received multiple awards, including Female Vocalist of the Year five different times for the Gospel Music Association.

Grant has encouraged thousands of people through her worship. Now, she is reaching out to her audience for encouragement and prayer. 

On Thursday, Grant revealed a health scare and asked for prayer. She posted a video on her Facebook page, explaining that she has to undergo surgery on October 10 to remove half of her thyroid. 

She said that multiple tumors were found on her thyroid a few years ago, but doctors had reason to believe that they were benign and not of concern. They have kept a close watch on them over the years, however, and now believe that they could be cancerous. 

Below is the video that Grant posted.

After asking for prayer and encouragement, she said, "These are more than just fans to me. I have an army of prayer warriors around the world who have rallied with me many times through the years, and I know this time will be no different."

The singer took to her Facebook page again on Thursday night to thank everyone for their support and to make some clarifications. Grant said that they do not know yet whether or not the tumors are cancerous. 

Grant's faith through this trying time is inspiring. While she is believing that the tumors will be cancer free, she made it clear that "even if there is cancer- HE IS STILL GOOD."

Please join us in praying for Natalie Grant as she faces this surgery and share this with others who will pray as well. Do you love this singer and her inspiring faith? Let us know on Facebook. For another faith-filled story, read our latest article about another award-winning singer who performed a gospel song while in the hospital. The video is powerful! 

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