Famous Christian Singer Gives Health Update After Cancerous Tumors Found

October 18, 2017Oct 18, 2017

At the end of September, 6-time Grammy nominated singer Natalie Grant announced that she was dealing with a scary health issue. Grant posted a video to her Facebook page, explaining that she would need to undergo surgery to remove half of her thyroid. 

Grant's surgery was scheduled for October 10, and the worship leader was asking her fan base around the world to stand with her in faith. She said that there were tumors on her thyroid and that doctors now had reason to believe that they were cancerous. 

Grant said that she needed her "prayer warriors" to believe for complete healing. She then addressed that if the doctors did find cancer during the surgery, she would still believe that "[GOD] IS STILL GOOD."

Now, after the surgery was completed and the pathology reports came back, Grant has some exciting news for her fans. She announced that while the tumors were indeed cancerous, they were contained in the tumors that were removed. She is completely cancer free and the removal did not cause any vocal damage!

She said, "The pathology results have revealed that it was, in fact, papillary thyroid cancer. Now, I had two cancerous nodules inside that right lobe, but pathology has also revealed that the cancer was completely contained within those nodules. So, in other words, they got it all."

Grant continued, "The doctor's office actually said, 'Congratulations! You have no more cancer in your body!' So, it literally is like the cancer was stopped dead in its tracks. Not a branch out, no growth, the tested the surrounding tissue and neighboring lymph node, all of which showed no signs of cancer or cancerous cells. All of the tissue was completely clean." 

The singer thanked her family, friends, and fans for prayers and encouragement throughout the time of waiting. She said, "Your faith has strengthened my faith and I am eternally grateful. And thank you to all of you for praying and believing and just storming the throne of God on my behalf."  

Grant said that while the experience was scary, she has a renewed trust in the Lord because of the process. 

She said, "It just further confirms in my heart and my mind that we experience and learn more about the character of God in the valley than we ever will in a mountaintop. I've never heard God speak audibly, but I know what His presence feels like, and He's been so kind and so near."

Below is the video that Grant posted to her Facebook page to update her audience on the pathology report:

We are thankful that Natalie Grant can continue singing and writing worship music that inspires so many people. Praise God! In other breaking news, the Las Vegas security guard just broke silence about being the first victim of the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history.

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