Major Update on Christian Leader Whose Kids Were Fighting for Lives in Hospital

January 03, 2018Jan 03, 2018


Over the past few weeks, Joel and Janie Taylor have been calling on the global church to join them in prayer as they face every parent's nightmare. Their two little ones, Jaxon and Addie, have been fighting for their lives in the hospital. 

Joel Taylor is the CEO of Bethel Music, one of the most well-known worship ministries in the United States. Bethel Music includes a full record label, publishing company, and an Artist Collective consisting of around 20 prominent worship leaders with influence stretching across the world.

Now, Joel and Janie Taylor are using their reach to ask for prayers. On December 21, the couple took their 2-year-old son, Jaxon, to the ER. He was extremely dehydrated and his white blood cell count was dangerously high. He was taken to UC Davis for further testing, as doctors were unable to determine what the cause of the sickness was.

After days of testing, it was determined that Jaxon had E. Coli that had developed into HUS (hemolytic uremic syndrome). According to Healthline, HUS is extremely dangerous and is the "most common cause of acute kidney failure in children."

Jaxon's kidneys began failing and he had to be rushed into surgery for a catheter. He was moved to the ICU immediately after surgery due to respiratory issues. Both Joel and Janie reached out on social media for prayers and support. On Christmas day, Joel posted on Instagram about his faith for a Christmas miracle. 

Later that day, several prominent pastors and worship leaders showed up at the hospital at the same time, unbeknownst to each other. As they were praying and worshiping with Jaxon, the 2-year-old began experiencing rapid improvement. Joel called it a "Christmas miracle" as his son began to talk and was soon able to eat.

While some improvements were made, the story took a dramatic turn yet again. Jaxon had to go back to the ICU for neurological issues. A few days later, Joel and Janie found out that Addie, their 4-year-old daughter, has E. Coli as well. She was sent to UC Davis and the family is now asking for prayers that her sickness does not turn into HUS like Jaxon's did.

Joel and Janie Taylor have seen an outpouring of support and love over the past couple of weeks. The global church has come together to pray for their family, and thousands of church leaders around the world have shared comments, prayers, and support over social media. (Editor's Note: Press the "play" button on the below videos to watch the worship in the hospital room).

However, the battle is not yet done. Please be praying for Jaxon and Addie as they fight for their lives in the hospital. Pray for wisdom for doctors and for peace for the family during this time. 


As of yesterday, Janie Taylor reported that Jaxon's kidney failure was still "severe." She noted that every moment "feels like a miracle," however, and that there was good news including Jaxon being able to eat and play. 

Now, another miracle has occurred. Joel Taylor took to Instagram to share major improvements for both Addie and Jaxon. 

He said, "We're officially on the road to recovery! Addie's E. Coli symptoms are very minimal and Jaxon is progressing every day. His kidneys still need to function properly, and although he had to have dialysis today, he's starting to look and act like our little buddy again. Doctor said at this rate, we might be able to go home in a week or two, which is amazing considering the severity of his HUS disease. Thank you for all of your prayers and carried us on your prayers!"

After weeks of prayer and worship over the sweet kids, Addie and Jaxon are on the road to recovery! Please continue praying for this young family as they continue to see healing and hopefully are able to head home soon. In other recent news, an iconic actor who was in 160+ movies and shows just passed away at the age of 80.

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