Famous Child Actor Found Dead At Age 35

September 08, 2017Sep 08, 2017

As a child, watching movies with other children as the actors is almost always a fun time. However, one famous child actor was just found dead.


Blake Heron was found dead inside his home in California. He was only 35 years old at the time of his passing. Heron is most notably known for his acting skills and credits in numerous films.


“Heron, a native of Sherman Oaks, California, made his film debut in the 1995 Disney movie ‘Tom and Huck,’ playing Ben Rodgers, and in the TV series ‘Reality Check’ as Bud McNeight. In 1996, he starred in the Warner Bros. family drama ‘Shiloh,’ portraying an adolescent who rescues an abused hunting dog in a small town,” according to Variety.

According to reports, Heron had previously been suffering from flu like symptoms during the last few days. A friend alerted authorities who discovered Heron while checking on him.


At this time, the cause of death is under investigation. Heron had previously discussed his battle with drug addiction in his own personal life.

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