Famous British Actor 'Fighting for His Life' as Doctors Do Their Best, Please Send Prayers

June 11, 2018Jun 11, 2018

A famous British television star is fighting for his life. According to reports, Leslie Grantham is being closely monitored by doctors and is said to be gravely ill.

"The soap villain, 71, who played Albert Square hardman 'Dirty' Den Watts, has returned to the UK from Bulgaria where he has spent the past few years and is now being closely monitored by docs," reported The Sun.

At this time, the exact cause of his illness is unknown. Although, he is getting up in years. Please join us in praying for a full recovery for Leslie!

Grantham has been previously living in Bulgaria and filming. He separated from his wife after their 31-year marriage ended.

“Leslie is being looked after. Those who are close to him are hugely worried and are praying for his well-being," said Leslie's close friend, according to The Sun.

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