Famous Band Fires Guitarist, Now He's Threatening to Kill Himself at One of Their Concerts

May 08, 2018May 08, 2018

A disturbing news story is making headlines after a famous guitar player was kicked out of his own band. He is now threatening to harm his old band members and even kill himself during one of their concerts.

"The former guitarist of the alternative rock band The Used has reportedly threatened to kill himself at one of the band's concerts," reported Pop Culture.

Justin Shekoski was fired from his long-time band, The Used. They apparently said it was due to "artistic differences" between the two.

However, it appears the split was anything but amicable. Justin reached out to threaten his bandmates and say he may even hang himself during one of their shows.


"Justin Shekoski (formerly of Saosin & The Used) spiraling down is one of the saddest news I read today. That man was an influential musician tbh," wrote one fan on Twitter.


"The outlet obtained court documents regarding The Used's new restraining order against Shekoski. They state that he threatened violence against his ex-bandmates, and even suggested he might "hang [him]self in the middle of a show," reported Pop Culture.


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