Tim Tebow Reminds All What Being A Christian Athlete Looks Like

August 04, 2017Aug 04, 2017

CBN News reports that thanks to the help of baseball player Tim Tebow’s CURE hospital in the Philippines, a little girl named Jocy’s has had her life and limbs restored.

Jocy’s life was drastically changed after being injured at nineteen months year old. In a sudden tragedy, her family home caught fire. She was able to escape from the flaming house, but this didn’t mean she went unscathed.

Rather, Jocy suffered from severe, painful burns on her arm and back. Her parents quickly rushed her to a local doctor, but there was little anybody could do – the burns were too severe. The burns eventually turned into hardened scars that left Jocy’s arms deformed. In fact, both of her arms were morphed together, inseparable and bound together by hardened flesh. Never again, it seemed, would Jocy enjoy life as a normal little girl.


Or at least it seemed this way until Tebow CURE hospital was able to help her. Thanks to Tebow’s cure hospital, Jocy today can live like a normal little girl with both of her arms. According to Fox 35, Jocy was healed after undergoing an intensive burn repair surgery, as well as healing and physical therapy. 

“We want to fight for kids, like Jocy, who can’t fight for themselves. Because, every single person is worth it. They are worth love. They are worth us giving what we have for them,” remarked Tim Tebow according to CBN News.

Tebow CURE Hospital has provided the service of over 1,230 life-changing surgeries for Filipino children who otherwise would be unable to afford care.  The hospital specializes in treating children with orthopedic conditions. It is part of CURE international, a Christian healthcare network with charitable hospitals and programs stretched across 29 different countries.

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