Famous Athlete Describes Disturbing Stalker Account, Forced to Move from Home

October 03, 2018Oct 03, 2018

As a popular figure in the public arena, people are bound to know your name as you walk down the street. But what happens when a casual fan moment turns into a potentially dangerous stalker incident? According to NBA star Jordan Bell, it means you have to uproot your life. 

The Golden State Warriors starting forward recently revealed that he experienced a stalker situation. The person made Bell feel so uncomfortable, that he ended up needing to move out of his house.

According to the Smokeroom, the stalker would wait outside of Bell's Oakland house every day. The basketball star said that at first he just thought that the young man was a fan that merely wanted autographs. 

However, after asking for multiple autographs and eventually confronting Bell's girlfriend about where the athlete was, Bell determined that it was best for their safety to move away. 

Below is Jordan's account of the situation:

Jordan Bell said, "I kept seeing him every day. He was just standing outside, he was, like, wearing glasses, had a backpack, he was standing outside. I'm thinking he's just a fan, wants an autograph, but he was there every single day, and I was like, that's kinda weird, you know exactly where I live."

He continued, "He asked me to sign an autograph, and like, for a week, every day I did it, because I was like, I just got [to the NBA], so like I wasn't signing autographs like crazy, like that. And then we played the Spurs, I believe, and my girlfriend was walking our dogs outside, and he came up behind her and was like, 'Yo, is Jordan here?'"

Bell, a rising star for the Warriors, noted that he was not used to that level of fan attention.

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