Famous Anti-Trump Reporter Suspended Over Sexual Misconduct Allegations

November 20, 2017Nov 20, 2017

New York Times reporter Glenn Thrush, formerly of Politico, has made a big name for himself in the mainstream media as a full-time White House reporter writing about what’s going on daily with President Trump. And he’s also made a name for himself as a pro-Hillary Clinton, anti-Trump critic.

Thrush has repeatedly criticized Trump, writing headlines like “Trump Gives White Supremacists an Unequivocal Boost” for The Times with Maggie Haberman, another writer who has landed a deal with him to write a book about the Trump administration. Thrush is one of the reporters that attends the daily White House press briefings led by Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

During the presidential campaign, Thrush got exposed for sending one of his stories to Hillary’s campaign manager John Podesta so they could check it over before he published it on the Politico website, according to The Hill. He also begged Podesta to keep quiet about the exchange, which bought Thrush a lot of ridicule when Wikileaks released the e-mail conversation to the public.

Another thing Thrush has gotten known for is speaking up for the protection of women in the workplace. And that’s why Vox Thrush’s actions are especially hypocritical now that they’ve exposed several sexual misconduct allegations against him brought by women he’s worked with.

In a lengthy piece on Monday, Vox wrote in detail about the claims of female colleagues who ended up drinking with Thrush at bars, where the New York Times star reporter would get drunk and make unwanted advances toward them — even groping them. Thrush is 50, and the three women who have accused him are in their 20s.

“He kept saying he’s an advocate for women and women journalists,” said one of his accusers. “That’s how he presented himself to me. He tried to make himself seem like an ally and a mentor. Kind of ironic now.”

After an incident where Thrush came after her, the woman told her friend about it. Thrush then apologized, citing his drunkenness at the time. That particular excuse was not uncommon to him.

In fact, according to the testimonies Vox collected, Thrush was known in the newsrooms he worked in for preying on younger women, gossiping about his encounters with them, and, overall, creating a toxic environment for them to work in.

The writer of the Vox article, Laura McGann, said she herself became a victim of Thrush’s sexual misconduct when dining with him and other reporters five years ago. Once Thrush got alone with McGann, he made unwanted advances toward her and touched her inappropriately, she says.

She claims Thrush’s treatment of women has been well-known at The Times and Politico, and while he left the Politico before his behavior could be dealt with, The Times — which exposed the abuses of Harvey Weinstein and Louis C.K. — hadn’t dealt with the problems in their own newsroom.

Since Vox’ story, though, The Times has now suspended Thrush. They made the announcement in a statement.

“The behavior attributed to Glenn in this Vox story is very concerning and not in keeping with the standards and values of The New York Times. We intend to fully investigate and while we do, Glenn will be suspended,” they wrote.

Thrush also said he was sorry on Sunday, writing in a statement, “I apologize to any woman who felt uncomfortable in my presence, and for any situation where I behaved inappropriately. Any behavior that makes a woman feel disrespected or uncomfortable is unacceptable.”

The Times says he also plans to join a substance abuse program to deal with his heavy drinking, which has also led to serious health issues.

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