Famous Actress Takes Her Final Breath After Battling Awful Disease

May 28, 2018May 28, 2018

While most people are celebrating the Memorial Day weekend and remembering the brave men and women who fought for our country, some people are morning the loss of a famous actress. It has just been reported that Cornelia Frances has passed away.

Frances was born in Liverpool and was 77-years-old. Please join us in praying for her friends and family during this sad time.

"The veteran actress had several other iconic roles on Australia's small screen, including as host of the local version of the game show The Weakest Link. She had endured a series of health struggles in recent times after being diagnosed with bladder cancer in 2017," reported the BBC.

Fans and fellow actors took to social media following the news of her passing. Many wrote heartfelt tributes and paid their respects to the wonderful actress.

"Cornelia Frances was a unique person. Her on-screen presence inspired a generation of actors. This gift was coupled with an ability to bring a sense of dignity and presence into each room she entered. Her energy and character will be missed," wrote one fan on Twitter.

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