Famous Actress and Fiancé Welcome New ‘Healthy’ Baby Boy

May 08, 2018May 08, 2018

Actress Kirsten Dunst and fiancé Jesse Plemons welcomed a new addition to their developing family over the weekend. Dunst, 35, and Plemons, 30, are now the proud parents of a healthy baby boy.

Just three months ago, in January, Dunst shared the news of her pregnancy, according to People. A source confirmed the news of the birth, saying that the baby is “healthy” and that “everyone is doing great.”

The courtship between Dunst and Plemons began in 2016 when they first met on the set of season 2 of the FX series “Fargo.” On that set, ironically, they played a married couple.


Then in January 2017, rumors of their engagement surfaced after fans spotted an engagement ring on Dunst’s finger while attending the Golden Globe Awards. Last June, Dunst opened up about her desire to expand their burgeoning family.

“I’m at the stage in my life where I’m like, ‘I’ve been working since I was 3. It’s time to have babies and chill,” she said in a July issue of Marie Clare U.K. 


In that same month, she confided with People that although she was “not in any rush” to marry and settle down, she confessed that she’d been surfing social media to get ideas for her wedding and family.

“It’s really fun, and because we create it together from the beginning,” she said of her and Clemons interest for searching wedding on Pinterest, “It’s a really nice thing to do together. It’s going to be so personal and fun. We’re having a really good time.”

What do you think of this? Please pray for Dunst and Clemons, for their wedding and marriage, and for their new child. Be sure to read about a world-famous rock band who is stirring controversy for their stance on abortion. 

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