Famous Actor Who Tragically Lost 2-Yr-Old Son Pens Heartbreaking Letter

September 19, 2018Sep 19, 2018

In February, famous actor and comedian Rob Delaney shared devastating news. He revealed that his 2-year-old son had passed away after a battle with brain cancer. Rob and his wife, Leah, revealed that their son Henry was diagnosed with cancer shortly after his first birthday. 

Now, eight months later, Rob Delaney has opened up about his sad loss. Shortly after his son's diagnosis, Rob began writing a book. Now, he has released a short excerpt from it in order to remind other parents who have sick children that there is someone else out there who "understood and cared."

According to Pop Culture, the 41-year-old talked extensively about their doctors' visits and about Henry's consistent symptoms that caused them to seek treatment in the first place. Henry was initially diagnosed with a urinary tract infection or gastrointestinal issue, though a later MRI showed a tumor wrapped around his cranial nerves.

Henry had surgery to remove the tumor, leaving him with "Bell's palsy and the lazy left eye." Rob's excerpt was written before his son passed away. In fact, as soon as the new MRI revealed the life-threatening news, Rob stopped writing altogether. 

Rob said, "My wife recently walked in on me crying and listening to recordings of him babbling, from before his diagnosis and surgery. I'd recorded his brothers doing Alan Patridge impressions and Henry was in the background, probably playing with the dishwasher,  and just talking to himself, in fluent baby...I want to hear him again."

Delaney noted that while he was sad that Henry was in the hospital, he was "always, always happy to enter the hospital every morning and see him."

He wrote, "When he smiles, forget about it. A regular baby's smile is wonderful enough. When a sick baby with partial facial paralysis smiles, it's golden. Especially if it's my baby."

In an interview, Delaney talked about how he stopped writing his book in order to spend more time with his son. 

He said, "I stopped writing when we saw the new, bad MRI. My wife and his brothers and I just wanted to be with him around the clock and make sure his final months were happy.  And they were."

He continued, "The reason I'm putting this out there now is that the intended audience for this book was to be my fellow parents of very sick children. They were always so tired and sad, like ghosts, walking the halls of the hospitals, and I wanted them to know someone understood and cared."

Please continue praying for Rob and Leah and their other children during this time. Recently, the couple revealed that they are pregnant with their fourth child

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