Famous Actor Tearfully Shares His Adoption Story

October 18, 2017Oct 18, 2017

Last month, actor and singer Jamie Foxx got personal, revealing details about his childhood.

Foxx was hosting the Fox game show, “Beat Shazam,” when two contestants, Donna and Avery, revealed that they were there to fill college funds for adopted Donna’s adopted children.

When asked by Foxx how they were doing, Avery replied, “We’re feeling good. She wants to fill those college funds for our two siblings from Haiti.”

“Wow, that’s amazing,” replied Foxx.

Donna started the process to adopt two girls from Haiti after the 2010 earthquake. Finally, in 2014, the girls arrived in the U.S. to live with their new family.

One of her adopted daughters sat in the audience of the show. When her mom pointed her out, the beautiful girl received applause from the audience.

Donna’s story brought up emotional memories for Foxx, whose real name is Eric Marlon Bishop. He related his own adoption story to Donna and her daughter.

“You know what’s amazing?” asked Foxx. “I was adopted at seven months, and I’m going to tell you what that means. My grandmother? That’s not actually my biological grandmother. That’s somebody who said, ‘I see something in that little boy that’s very special.'”

He continued, at this point almost in tears, “And she made sure I had every tool that I needed to grow and expand…”

At that point in his story, Foxx was so overwhelmed that he started crying. To hide his tears, he walked off of the stage.

The crowd began chanting “Jamie,” and he ran back on stage saying, “We back, we back, we back!”

He told the audience that he went off-stage to pull himself together because he doesn’t like “getting emotional like that on camera.” However, he didn’t deny that the emotion was warranted.

“But what you don’t understand is that when you’re a kid you just want to be loved. My grandmother loved me and thank you for loving that little girl over there and loving all your children.”

Foxx finished his game by giving Donna a hug and thanking her for her generosity.

There should also be a thank you to Foxx for his beautiful testimony. He highlights the positive impact that a loving adoption has on a child’s life. This goes against the traditional narrative on adoption, and his message is certainly necessary to counteract the culture of death.

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