Famous $1 Million Reality TV Show Winner Attacks Police Officer, Bites Her in the Arm

February 16, 2018Feb 16, 2018

A famous reality TV show winner, who received a $1 million prize, has found herself on the wrong end of the law after she attacked a police officer who was trying to render her assistance.

36-year-old Jenna Morasca, who currently resides in the Pittsburgh area, was the last person standing in “Survivor: The Amazon,” a 2003 reality show that featured 16 contestants competing against each other to complete challenges in the jungles of Brazil. She also participated in the “Amazing Race,” “Celebrity Apprentice,” and “Fear Factor” reality shows, according to WPXI.

But her life appears to have gone south since her TV career. Police officers in the South Strabane Township southwest of Pittsburgh found her passed out in her car at a stoplight. She had a plastic bag of syringes next to her.

When police approached the Chevrolet SUV with its vanity plate that read “AMAZON,” they found the engine still running but the vehicle's transmission in park. Police say they saw Morasca’s female passenger stuffing the syringes into her purse, according to the Observer-Reporter.

The passenger was taken into custody and found with more drug paraphernalia as an ambulance arrived for Morasca. Once on scene, emergency medical personnel gave Morasca a dose of Narcan, which is used to treat drug overdose patients in emergencies.

After the second dose of Narcan, Morasca sprang to life, fighting with emergency personnel in the ambulance and finally getting her teeth around a female police officer’s forearm. The former reality TV star is facing charges relating to driving under the influence and possessing drug paraphernalia, according to People.

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