Family Takes Action After Daughter Who Committed Suicide Forced to Hug Bullies

June 20, 2018Jun 20, 2018

A New Jersey school district is embroiled in a lawsuit after a 12-year-old female student was bullied that led to her suicide. Her parents filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the Rockaway Township Board of Education and its staff Tuesday.

According to WABC the parents are suing the school for not doing enough to protect their daughter, Mallory Grossman, after she took her own life last year.

The lawsuit claims that Grossman was taunted relentlessly and repeatedly in the days and weeks leading up to her suicide, which occurred on June 14, 2017. Allegedly, she was asked by those who bullied her when she was going to kill herself.

Grossman’s mother says that the bullies have not yet been punished, according to KETV. The family alleges that not only did the school fail to enact policies to comply with the state’s anti-bullying statute, but school officials had advised them not to file a formal complaint under the law.

Rather than address the issue, the lawsuit claims that school officials had Mallory eat lunch in a guidance counselor’s office to avoid bullies. In another situation, she was allegedly forced to hug one of the bullies – apparently to attempt reconciliation.

The attorney for the family, Bruce Nagel, explained that the role of the school was very basic: “to keep young students safe,” he said.

Since the tragic death, Mallory’s mother, Dianne, has become an anti-bullying advocate. She leads a group called “Mallory’s Army,” and has a GoFundMe campaign running to raise money as a memorial for Mallory.

"I really want schools to understand the gravity of what has happened,” she said. “Mallory is not a 2-minute news story. She is our daughter and she's forever gone.”

She added, "Our family is forever changed because they chose not to put systems in place, they chose not to protect her, so I want other school systems to learn from this and to start making immediate changes within their buildings."

Please join us in praying for the Grossmans and for those young students who may be the subject of bullying across the country. Be sure to read the one thing no one is talking about in the in the immigration media storm.