Family Set To Honor Their Little 2 Year Old Boy After Killed By Alligator

June 16, 2016Jun 16, 2016

Few things are as heartbreaking as losing your young child. The Graves were vacationing from Nebraska with their young children at Disney World. While watching an outdoor movie at night at their Disney resort, their 2 year old son waded into the water and was captured by an alligator. Lane's dad, Matt, immediately tried to rescue him, but the alligator took him away.

After over half a day of searching, Lane's body was found by divers and rescued. The Grave family now is set to mourn and honor their young son at their parish in Nebraska this Thursday, reports the Christian Post. Their church released this statement: "It is with a heavy heart that we inform you of a tragic loss in one of our parish families. As many of you have heard from national and local media outlets, there was a child deemed missing at one of the Walt Disney World Resorts in Orlando, Florida. The family of Matt and Melissa Graves have lost their 2-year-old son, Lane. The Graves are members of St. Patrick's Parish, and their daughter, Ella, attends our school. Please honor their privacy at this time and keep them in your prayers."

Quite terribly, the family is receiving ample criticism on social media, with many blaming the parents for Lane's death. Conservative blogger Matt Walsh spoke out in passion against the criticism he saw thrown at the grieving parents: "It is very troubling that some people have an instinct to immediately and publicly blast the parents when something terrible happens to a child. Never mind the fact that, in this case, the parents truly did nothing wrong at all. But even if they did make some kind of a mistake, why is it that our society rushes so quickly and even gleefully to condemn the very people who, aside from the child, are already suffering the most because of it? It's depraved, I think. It's like some of us have lost all humanity. All capacity for compassion and mercy."

We agree: The Graves need prayer, comfort, and compassion more than ever now. Will you post a prayer for them in the Comments? Thank you so much!