Family of Missing Wisconsin Girl Speak Out for First Time Since Her Parents Were Found Murdered

November 13, 2018Nov 13, 2018

For the first time since Wisconsin teen Jayme Closs went missing four weeks ago, her family is speaking out. They spoke to a local Fox affiliate about what their lives have been like since police found Jayme's parents dead and the teen gone.

Since then, her family says they have been living in a "sleep-walking" state and " a constant daze since." This terrible tragedy has changed their lives forever.

“Our minds go 24/7, every single thing,” said Suzi Allard, Jayme’s aunt.

Her uncle, Steve Naiberg, added “If you’re just dealing with anger, that’s one thing. But we’re dealing with fear, sadness, anger - so many emotions that hit you all at once…just numb, don’t know where to go."

The family has been reeling since October when an unknown person or persons entered the Closs home and shot and killed Denise and her husband James Closs. The crime happened in rural Barron, Wisconsin.

By the time authorities got to the home after receiving a confusing and unintelligible 911 call from the home, Jayme was gone. An AMBER alert was sent out for the 13-year-old, who still seems to have disappeared without a trace.

Her aunts, uncle, grandpa told FOX 9 that they remain convinced she is out there, alive, somewhere. They hope her dimple and thick eyebrows will help strangers recognize her.

“We just want Jayme home. We want to know why all of this happened, just wish we had some answers and hoping for that miracle of Jayme coming home,” her aunt Jennifer Smith said.

Family members last saw Jayme and her mother at a family birthday part held at her aunt's house less than 10 hours before the crime.

“I’ll never forget when we left, will never forget Denise at the car door, big old smile,” Suzi said.

They believe the attack was targeted and planned. Family members were recently allowed to return to the Closs house in search for answers of their own.

“It brought up more questions for us,” Suzi said.

Aunt Suzi and the others call the rumors attached to the case "hurtful." They specifically—and angrily—dismiss claims that Jayme must have a secret boyfriend.

They're asking people to keep their eyes open rather than theorizing. They begged people to look for the one piece of information that could bring Jayme home.

“There has to be something out there. Someone has that one bit of information that we need to come forward with,” Suzi said.

Watch the video below:

Please join us in praying for the Closs family. May God guide and protect Jayme wherever she may be. In other news, Melania just issued a stunning statement. She's fighting back against those who disrespect her and calling for a resignation.