Family of Bullied Keaton Jones Responds to Backlash, Rumors: ‘Our Faith Can’t Be Shaken’

December 11, 2017Dec 11, 2017

Keaton Jones, an elementary school-aged child from Tennessee, is one of the many kids struggling with bullying today—an escalating issue in our nation. Recent statistics indicate that more than 25% of students in the United States will experience bullying at some point in their lifetime.

Little Keaton gained nationwide attention after his mother posted a video of him tearfully sharing his experience with bullying. Kids at school called him “ugly” and told him he had “no friends.” Keaton really struggled with why kids choose to bully others. Watch the video below.

The video quickly went viral with over 60,000 views on YouTube and his story was covered by multiple news outlets. Dozens of well-known celebrities even responded to Keaton Jones’ video, offering their support for Keaton and taking a stance against bullying.

However, it wasn’t long before Keaton’s family started facing a great amount of backlash.

A previous Facebook post by Keaton’s mother, which showed photos of the family with the Confederate flag, surfaced. After the pictures spread across the internet, several people called their family “racist,” some even claimed Keaton deserved the bullying, and rumors started that Keaton was bullied because he called students of color the “N” word. See the original post below.

Professional MMA fighter Joe Schilling also released a conversation he had with an account that claimed to be Keaton’s mother, where she was consistently making racist remarks. The conversation will not be shown on Faith Family America due to the foul and harsh language.

Many came to the family’s defense, pointing out that these accusations have not been confirmed and how absolutely heartbreaking it is to see rumors circulating when a child is already suffering. Political commentator Mark Dice was one of many who defended the Jones family.

Keaton’s older sister personally responded to the rumors on her social media account, assuring that the account who spoke to Schilling was not her mother.

She also shot back with a bold response to everyone targeting her family, “My family will continue to support each other. You all can hate and tweet all you want but our faith can’t be shaken.”

This news comes shortly after a 10-year-old girl from Colorado committed suicide as a result of being harassed and bullied for months.

If a child you know is dealing with bullies at school, communicate with them and notify the school immediately. According to, if the school is not taking adequate measures, contact the State Department of Education or U.S. Department of Education and in severe cases, call 911.

What do you think about the Jones family’s response to the rumors? Share your thoughts in our Facebook comments and please continue to keep this family in your prayers.

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