Family: Nest Camera Hacked, Disturbing Message Follows

January 23, 2019Jan 23, 2019

Security cameras and security systems have made a huge impact on the lives of millions of Americans. In recent years, technology has allowed these devices to become easily accessible, and affordable, for Americans everywhere.

However, one family in California just had an experience that they never imagined when they first purchased their Nest cameras. Their camera was hacked!

"There are ballistic missiles headed to three American cities and President Trump has been moved to a secure facility. That’s the highly disturbing message that Laura Lyons and her family received on Sunday in Orinda, Calif. Unsure of what to do, they comforted their son and tried to find media confirmation of the supposedly impending attack," reported Fox News.

The family was obviously scared and didn't know if the message was legitimate or not.

It warned that the United States had retaliated against Pyongyang and that people in the affected areas had three hours to evacuate,” Lyons told the Mercury News. “It sounded completely legit, and it was loud and got our attention right off the bat. It was five minutes of sheer terror and another 30 minutes trying to figure out what was going on.”

The family soon realized that the message was coming from their Nest camera that they had installed inside their home. They contacted the company immediately and learned they had been victims of a hacking.

"These recent reports are based on customers using compromised passwords (exposed through breaches on other websites). In nearly all cases, two-factor verification eliminates this type of security risk," a spokesperson for Google, which owns Nest, told Fox News via email.

The hacks are still under investigation. Officials are warning customers to make sure to use different passwords and usernames for all of your logins and devices so hackers will have a harder time taking advantage of you.

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