Family In The South Offering $10,000 Reward To Help Find Their Beloved Daughter

April 30, 2017Apr 30, 2017

Jamie Lee Allison Magras, an 18 year old senior at Northwestern High School in Rock Hill South Carolina, has been missing since 1:00 AM Friday April 28th.

The teen did leave a note saying she would be back by 6:00 Friday morning, but she never returned. Her whereabouts are unknown, but there are suspicions of her meeting someone online.

Their community distributed thousands of posters throughout various cities in South Carolina and even joined in prayer for Jamie and her family.

Jamie’s family is offering up to a $10,000 combined reward for those who contribute to her safe return home.

People believe she is most likely still in the state, but since she has been missing for three days, hypothetically she could be somewhere else in the country.

Recently, authorities confirmed that the finding of former missing 15-year-old Elizabeth Thomas was in large part to the media and others sharing Elizabeth’s story.

You can help Jamie’s family find their daughter by sharing her story, too! Please also keep them in your prayers! Thank you!