Family Heard Noises from Attic for Years, What They Found is Our Worst Nightmare

August 10, 2017Aug 10, 2017

For two years, the van der Herchen family has been hearing strange noises from their attic. While the Florida natives had many suspicions about what was living above their ceiling, they never imagined the culprit to be a 6-foot boa constrictor.

Bob van der Herchen has no idea how long he and his wife have been sharing space with the reptile, though they have been hearing strange noises for over two years. He told ABC News that whenever they would hear the noises, they would dismiss them.

On July 17, the family realized that the culprit was most likely a snake. Bob assumed it was just a rat snake, which is a garden snake that is common to Florida. His first reaction was that he would not have to worry about any rats being in the attic. In retrospect, he probably would have welcomed rats over the huge reptile.

A few days after suspecting the snake, van der Herchen saw a 6-inch portion of the boa. He called the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office Animal Services to have it removed. When the officer arrived, the snake had moved out of sight. It was against protocol for the officer to look for it, and thus the snake was stuck.

Linda van der Herchen posted a status about the snake. In the comments, Bob left videos and photos of the boa constrictor in the attic.

After the officer from animal services left, the couple knew that they needed to locate a trapper. They hired 19-year-old Mark Lampart to help retrieve the reptile, as his hobby is trapping snakes. When he arrived at the house, he tried pushing the snake with a PVC pipe before it took off in the opposite direction.

He said, “S[he] did not want to come out. It was a happy snake up there.”

After two and a half hours, Lampart and his girlfriend successfully removed the snake.

Lampart believes that the snake was someone’s pet that got out. He said that it has most likely been living in the wild for a while due to the fact that it kept trying to bite them. After capturing the snake, the teen was able to find a “responsible reptile owner who would be able to take care of it for the rest of its life.”

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