Family Finds Massive Treasure While Walking Their Dog Named 'Lucky'

May 14, 2019May 14, 2019

An incredible discovery was made by a family who decided to simply take their dog out for a walk. Now, they have a lot to be thankful for! While they were out on their walk they discovered something amazing!

"An Australian family experienced a stroke of good fortune when they found a gold nugget — valued at tens of thousands of dollars — while they were walking their dog on Sunday. The family's father and two daughters, who asked to remain anonymous, were out with their dog, coincidentally named 'Lucky,' when they came across the pricey nugget," reported Fox.

Some of the family members had actually walked past the massive gold nugget. However, the daughter spotted it and picked it up to examine it further. It was at that moment that the family realized they might be on to something huge.

"The father said they weighed the nugget at a nearby supermarket, as they couldn't find anywhere to properly weight it. The gold nugget weighed 20 ounces, or 1.25 pounds — a value the family claims could be worth upwards of $24,000 USD," according to reports.

The news made headlines around the country as well as the world. It comes just months after another giant piece of gold was found in the northern part of Australia.

"In September, a retired man found a roughly seven-pound gold nugget worth an estimated $80,000 in the northern Goldfields of Western Australia. He had been searching the area with a metal detector for years, and ultimately took him two hours to dig the nugget out of the ground," according to reports.

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