Families Being Warned After ‘Suicide Game’ Takes Over the Internet

July 11, 2017Jul 11, 2017

A very dangerous game has been circulating the internet recently, leaving many parents concerned. The game is known as ‘Blue Whale’ and results in players committing suicide. This game is especially concerning for teenagers, as they spend a majority of their time in some sort of online reality and are typically in a more vulnerable state.

KRON states ‘Blue Whale’ reportedly began in Russia a few years ago. For 50 days, the player completes a challenge issued by an anonymous administrator. Completion of the task is proved by submitting photos.

The player is believed to receive threatening messages if the challenge is not completed. The challenges are usually self-harming and mentally unhealthy, becoming more intense overtime. On the 50th day, the player is told to commit suicide.

CNN reported a story on July 11th of 2017 of one family claiming they lost their 16-year-old daughter to the online game. Her identity will not be released, but she was described as a ‘talented artist’ and ‘happy’ girl. Her brother appeared in an interview to share their story.

He discusses how after his sister’s death, the family found evidence relating the ‘Blue Whale’ game to the suicide. A picture of something the game requested was found. A clue was also discovered in paintings from one of his sister’s art shows: resemblances to the skeleton of a blue whale.

His sister is not the first person to lose their life to the ‘Blue Whale’ challenge. Fox News released a story on the same day (July 11th) about a 15-year-old boy from Texas who lost his life to the game. The Sun also reported in June of 2017 that at least 130 teen deaths have been linked to this game. However, it is unclear if the game is real or just a rumor.

Other news sources state warnings have been issued at certain schools in the United States, including the Baldwin County Public School System in Georgia. Parents have also been encouraged to talk with children about not giving into peer pressure, especially in a situation that makes you feel 'scared and unsafe'. 

Please join us in prayer for the families affected, and share this information with others. You can watch the full interview here for more details. Thank you!