Famed “Spartacus” Star and Golden Globe Winner Dies at 86

February 10, 2018Feb 10, 2018

John Gavin, who starred as Julius Caesar in the 1960 film “Spartacus,” has passed away at the age of 86 after a long illness, according to Fox News

According to TMZ, Gavin had struggled from pneumonia, which he contracted after battling leukemia. The actor was first hospitalized only recently before Christmas, and later passed away surrounded by his family in his Beverly Hills home. 

Gavin was well known throughout his long and illustrious career in Hollywood. In addition to his role in “Spartacus,” Gavin also played the role of Janet Legh’s divorced lover Sam Loomis in the 1960 film by Alfred Hitchcock, called “Psycho.”

He won a Golden Globe in 1958 for his part in “A Time to Love and a Time to Die,” as well as appearing alongside Lana Turner in 1959’s “Imitation of Life.” The tall and strikingly handsome entertainer made a lasting impression on fans.

Gavin was set to play the role of James Bond in the 1971 film “Diamonds Are Forever” before Sean Connery reclaimed the role as the debonair superspy, according to The Hollywood Reporter

Gavin also served in a political arena. In 1981, President Ronald Reagan appointed Gavin as Mexico’s ambassador. Gavin had ties to the country, having visited it in his youth. He was fluent in Spanish and Portuguese.




Gavin and his wife actress Constance Towers married in 1974. They leave behind two children.

Please pray for the family during this difficult time of loss. In recent news, a “House of Cards” famous actor recently passed away as well. 


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