Facebook Now Offers 58 Genders To Pick From: Here's The List

May 23, 2016May 23, 2016

Things are confusing enough as they are. You don't know for sure if a man is a woman or what they want to be called or have plans to be later in life. But now, Facebook has exposed just how confused our culture really is.

Slate reveals that Facebook added over 50 gender options to users back in February. They did not publish the list, so Slate had to go through and manually type in each letter of the alphabet to see what came up in the drop-down menu. Here is what they found:




Isn't that crazy? How can anyone know what they are anymore with so many weird options? Of course, there is also "male" and "female," which should (and used to) be enough. We need to pray for this increasingly confused culture! Do you agree?