Facebook is Stepping Up in Big Way to Help Victims of Mexico Earthquake

September 21, 2017Sep 21, 2017

On Tuesday, a 7.1 magnitude earthquake rocked Mexico City. The devastation was vast, with reports of up to 225 deaths and many others still missing.

Now, Facebook is stepping up to aid the victims of the massive earthquake. CNN reported on Thursday that the tech giant will gift $1 million to the Red Cross in Mexico.

The money will go to Cruz Roja Mexicana, a branch of the International Red Cross. The money will help to rebuild areas that were destroyed by the earthquake. As of Wednesday, there had been 44 buildings that had collapsed in Mexico City alone.

Facebook will also work with the United Nations Children’s Fund and will waive the fees associated with donations made on the UNICEF’s Facebook page.

A Facebook spokeswoman, Jenna Stokes, released a statement about their decision to donate the large sum. She said that many people had used their platform to “come together” after the devastation.

Stokes said, “Since the earthquake, we've seen thousands of Community Help postings (currently over 10,000) with people offering and asking for volunteer work, transportation, shelter and food.”

She also reported times when Facebook became a big resource for communication efforts. She gave the example of a time that a man asked for volunteers to help with a rescue at a parish in Mexico City. In less than an hour, someone came to his aid.

Facebook has proven to be a helpful tool when natural disasters or attacks occur, with their safety alert features. Now, they are stepping up in an even larger way. 

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